New Safer Crypto Ecosystem 
New Safer Crypto Ecosystem 
Get in early, lower your risk, and earn by leveraging your influence.
The New Gold Standard
Backed by global leaders, international industries, and visionaries, a new universal, decentralized crypto ecosystem is coming soon.
Crypto 2.0 will become the new Gold Standard in digital currency, disrupting the entire crypto market and ushering in a new decentralized era that will provide faster, safer results; putting the user in complete control while changing the world for good. Users will maintain full control of data while this new digital ecosystem emerges - providing opportunity for everyone to participate.

Earn Coins

Your digital influence is a commodity and has significant value. In this new economy, you will be rewarded for your efforts. You will be able to leverage this commodity to earn coins in ways never possible before, leveling the playing field significantly.

Share Coins

Not only will you be able to share your rewards with your tribe, but the system is designed to give back to non-profits - and rewards extreme givers in a way never available before, to ultimately have a real and tactile impact on the world for good.

Trade Coins

The new Universal Exchange Interface (UEI) will allow multiple exchanges and coins to come together in Crypto 2.0 to set the new gold standard in coin control, management, vaulting and safety, making it easier for everyone to use.

Mine Coins

Mining is the backbone of the decentralized system; and now more than ever these Digital Gold Miners, Owners, Workers and Pools will be able to share in the success in ways never before possible.

Buy Coins

This new “Gold Standard in Crypto" is projected to be wildly adopted and accessed globally and available to all.
(limited to certain countries)

Protect Coins

This new crypto ecosystem will be the safest yet. If you'd like to know what that means exactly, please fill out the registration form and we'll share that info as soon as it's available. We know - we just can't say anything yet!
Start Now
Your first opportunity to leverage your digital footprint and influence starts here. You will be rewarded for everyone you connect into this new digital ecosystem, and the early influencers and adopters will have advantages because their critical role in the early stages. Lock in your position now, at no cost/no risk. No credit card is required. Just create your Siimpler Crypto Account now by filing out the form to the right, and then start sharing to get in on the ground floor and help change the world for good.
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